How it Works and what's included?

How does it work? 

  • Sign up & select your package

  • Upload your files

  • Sit back while our professional editors do their thing to create a personalised video for your social media platforms

  • Receive and start sharing your video with your audience

You have the following options to use this service by:


  • Sending in your video files for us to ease your post-production workflow by 25%. Whether you filmed all your footage using your smartphone or have professional camera footage, We can save you time by uploading your files and requesting for us to edit them to your liking. All files are handled with extreme confidentiality read our privacy policy to learn more

  • Request a custom made video that fits the ethos of your brand. You can hire our professional filming and editing service to create a brand new video for you! Learn More

A Video Press Kit includes: 

  • A custom made video shareable across all social media platforms 

(We export videos in the following ratios) 

  • Visual/audio information detailing your brand, product or services

  •  Visual logo embedded onto the video

  •  Contact/social media information

  •  Downloadable video



Videos are a leading form of content and its reputation has worked hand-in-hand with the increase of social media and mobile consumption. Sign up today with Vidifix to start using videos for your advertisements or regular posts to help grow your online awareness.


Perks with using this service:

  •  25% Increase in video production/post-production workflow efficiency and productivity

  • Access new video content every month to help build your business

  • 30% increase in content usage, returns, and revenue

  • Accessibility

  • Save Time & Costs   

  • Easily Shareable Videos Across All Social Media Platforms

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